About 5 anchors

The “5 anchor – communication for the maritime sector GmbH” has been planning, developing and constructing a comprehensive software solution for charter companies of all sizes since 2014 (founded in 2016).

Create interfaces, optimize work processes.
Committed to one goal together!

Since September 2016, “5 Anker Connect” has been integrated into an international charter company with more than 140 yachts and tested during operation. After successfully completing the test phase, the marketing of our software will now start in October 2017.

Last but not least, digitization means avoiding isolated solutions and building future-oriented networks. Only a harmonized processing of the overall “Charter” service will be able to lead to success in the future. The complexity of the programming tasks required for this versus a rather manageable total number of users has so far apparently prevented larger companies from investing in this segment. However, the 5 anchor sees the charter business as a thoroughly prosperous market with very good development opportunities and has therefore been looking for an economically sensible solution. In addition to the enormous acceleration of administrative processes, improved internal communication, the more targeted addressing of your own customer bases – the advantages lie in a more effective, also more calculable marketing of the offer.

In the figurative sense, 5 anchor is a platform that provides the communication and processing of new and existing tasks, with self-developed or existing, integrable solutions. Administration, sales and service are already being used in bookkeeping, switching offices, harbor masters and petrol stations. External sales service providers such as agencies, travel agencies, hotels and information centers already use the application that is “free of charge” for them and thus support the overall structure of the charter company.

5 Anker does not charge any lump sums or monthly fees for the above services. The charter companies can use our cloud-based software solutions permanently free of charge. For data backup on our servers, we only charge a cost of € 0.80 for each booking number created (contracts / invoices / receipts are stored for over 10 years + x).

Our service offers a complete, charter-specific program with invoicing, cancellation accounts, offer tools, dunning, cash books, POS software, digital customer access, crew lists, API interfaces, frames, access management and much more

With the use of the program, the charter company authorizes us to market the booking periods shown in the calendar in our portal “Bootsreisen24” at home and abroad. Upon successful completion, 5 anchors will receive the usual commission of 15%. In addition, customers receive access that includes various services for the charter company as well as products from 5 Anker GmbH. The charter companies can optionally work with agencies, travel agencies, hotels and information centers. In addition to the commission for the above-mentioned company, 5 Anker receives a flat rate of 2.5% (service fee) on the arranged trip in this case.