5 Anker Management – Administration Portal

We are currently working on the next version of our 5 anchor series. The administration is outsourced to its own system, which you can access under “Administration portal” on your dashboard.

As the name suggests, we will separate the entire administration from the typical CRM tasks. With this measure, we will not only be able to significantly reduce the computer times required. In addition to a uniform, simple design, you will receive completely new features. So the points, easier processing and creation of new ships and appointments as well as greater flexibility in work, are just two of the key points of this work.

The overall changeover to the “new” system will take place gradually and should be completed by December 21, 2017.

And a few more highlights: we are currently in the process of interface testing as an approved DATEV partner. With a little luck, this function will also be available with our rollout in December. The new frames / white label solutions for your own website are also ready and are being tested.

You can continue your work as usual. You can now browse the administration portal. The detailed description of the new functions will follow shortly.

Content administration portal: create boats, create appointments, cooperation with agencies / charter companies, statistics area, accounting, interfaces, etc.