5 Anker Connect Version 2.1

5 Anker Connect Version 2.1 receives some changes that will make your work as a charter company easier and create new sales opportunities. From this version you will be able to create the various appointment options for a vehicle – and make these bookable via your website and via our brand Bootsreisen24.

What options does the version update offer you?

You can now move away from rigid departure and return times and rent and take back vehicles on different days. You can now also rent out the vehicle for different lengths of time. Would you prefer to continue renting out weekly during the summer months? No problem with Connect. Determine the times when you prefer or exclude a fixed system.

With our system, we are now offering you maximum flexibility in setting up your travel times.

We have changed travel days to overnight stays to ensure uniform usage. For example, a day with a day charter is a journey from morning to the same evening. For one night from morning to the next day. So seven nights are a week, etc.

With this version adjustment, the components Connect and Management were also reunited. You will find all the important selection functions and information on one page. The split was necessary due to numerous system changes that could not be revised at the same time. This work has now been completed, so that the original condition could be restored. The new version will be considerably more stable, especially when switching between the operating parts.

A change from Connect is now only necessary and possible to the POS.